Enhanced Disclosure CRB Check

The Enhanced Disclosure CRB Check is the highest level of CRB check available. It is suitable for those who will have a great degree of contact with children or vulnerable adults, or for workers undertaking services on regulated or controlled activity sites such as Schools or Adult Care Homes.

An Enhanced Disclosure CRB check will detail all cautions, warnings, reprimands and convictions held on an individual’s criminal record. The Children/ Vulnerable adults Barred Lists is also checked, this is a list which details all those barred by law from working with children or vulnerable adults. Those who are on the Children/Vulnerable adults Barred list and who work with children or vulnerable adults are committing a criminal offence.

The Enhanced Disclosure CRB check also includes a section called ‘Other Relevant Police Information’, which can be filled in by the applicant’s local police force. This section holds additional notes which could be relevant to the check.


Who requires an Enhanced Disclosure CRB check?


·         Those who are involved in teacher training, supervision, Advice, Treatment and Transport of children or vulnerable adults will require an Enhanced Disclosure CRB check.

·         Any profession which involves contact with children or vulnerable adults e.g. Contractors on a School site, or those working directly with children in any other occupation would qualify for an Enhanced Disclosure CRB check.

·         Those working in schools, care homes, or hospital premises for more than 3 days out of 30, or overnight between the hours of 2AM - 6AM also require an Enhanced Disclosure CRB check.


Who can apply for an Enhanced Disclosure CRB check?


·         An Enhanced Disclosure CRB check can only be applied for by the organisation where the individual may begin work.

·         Once the certificate has been issued for the Enhanced Disclosure CRB check, one copy will be sent to the applicant’s home address and another copy will be issued to a designated person within the company which requested the check.


For assistance with your Standard Disclosure CRB application please call us on 01254 355678 or apply online via our Standard Disclosure CRB application form.


I can confirm that we have used the services of CRB Express for our enhanced CRB disclosures and that the service we have received has been exemplary and courteous at all times. I would recommend the services provided to any organisation who has a requirement for this service.

Dean Brookes
Operations Manager
On Site Medical & Ambulance Services

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